“Renee” the movie – it’s about my daughter!

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An amazing phenomenon to my husband and I is that earlier this year a movie was made about our daughter, Renee’s, struggle with addiction, depression, self harm and suicide.  It will be released sometime in 2012 in major movie theatres all over the country.  Our whole family’s desire is that this movie will be the catalyst to bring renewed hope to the thousands (if not millions) who suffer as Renee has.  We also have a pretty big dream — that every day people like you and me who see it, in every community across this nation, will be so deeply moved that they will choose to take action.  They will be motivated to make a difference in one of these areas.

There are so many needs related to these issues.  Does your community have parent support groups?  What about support groups (or any kind of help) for those who self harm?  Suicide hot lines?  Support for family and loved ones who have been affected by suicide?  There is no limit to the good that could come from this movie.  Many beautiful things.  Life-changing things.  My husband and I (as well as Renee) have found that as we are willing to be real and share our journey, others are helped.  Our pain can result in others being helped.  There can be “Purpose for the Pain”.  (this is the title of a book Renee wrote — a journal chronicling her journey.  I will say more about that another time.  If you google the title, it can be ordered online.)

So, here’s the first release of “behind the scenes video” from the making of “Renee” the movie.  I’d love to hear your comments!  If you are interested you can find out more about the movie as it progresses closer to being released on their facebook page (facebook.com/reneethemovie).


“All things are possible with God.”  (Mark 10:27)


  1. Katherine Dinneen-Pike

    First I want to applaud both of you for the courage you had to start this site for parents. I too am a mother of a young woman (23) who was a cutter in high school and went into her college years. She had also tried to end her life several times due to the pain she was having from a sexual abuse that had happened to her at a young age.
    What I cant understand is that my daughter is now a film student at Valencia and one of the top students and was just rejected when applied for the Director’s Assistant position for a film they are going to be starting next week. When she asked why she was told “due to her scars on her arms”. I was appauled due to the fact that Valencia is the one who put out your daughters film! My daughter has come so far. Can you please help me to understand.

    Thank you

    • denayohe

      First, I am thrilled your daughter has come so far. How wonderful for her and for you! That is such a painful and frightening road for a parent to walk. I am so sorry she experienced this kind of abuse and hope she has found deep healing through some good counseling. It can be a long, rough journey, but there is healing at the end of the road. If she should ever feel the need or want to tell others, I know of a great support group here in town for survivors of sexual abuse. Also, thank you for your kind compliment about me having this site. I simply felt compelled to share what I’ve learned with others walking a similar path. It brings purpose for my pain.

      I am also very sorry she was rejected for this position with the next film they are working on. I really don’t know why someone would give her this reason. It sure sounds very discriminatory to me. Old scars shouldn’t disqualify her from doing this! I will say that they were simply part of a cooperative effort in producing this film and are not the main ones who are putting it out. Just because they were involved does not mean they have full understanding about this issue. Maybe she can talk further with the decision-makers to have them clarify further why they thought someone else was better suited for the position.

      As parents, we sure do feel our children’s hurts, don’t we? It sounds like you are a great mom who offers wonderful support with an empathetic ear to her daughter. She is blessed to have you in her life! I hope this response helps you a little. Let me know if she would like the information on this support group.