A Great Way to Reduce Covid-19 Stress

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A few years ago, my dear 86 year old father was in the hopsital fighting for his life. My mother had died ten years earlier and as their only child I was extremely distressed. All I could think of was that I wasn’t ready to lose him too! My husband, our daughter–who still lived at home–and I drove the four hours as fast as the law would allow to be by his side.

A few days later, we were relieved to see his progress. The decision was made for my husband and daughter to return home to Orlando while I remained in Miami to help with his recovery. However, in spite of positive updates from the doctors, I still feared things could change any moment. What if he died unexpectedly? And if he did make a full recovery, how would he live alone and take care of himself now? What did the future hold? How would this change my life? We faced a long, steep road ahead.

What if? What if? What if?

Stress Takes a Toll

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Nights were the worst. Alone at my parent’s home my stress rose to it’s highest peaks. My grief sunk to it’s lowest lows. I cried myself to sleep in their bedroom every night. The room with the yellow shag carpet and the closet where some of my mom’s favorite clothes still hung…my dad couldn’t bear to part with them…and I couldn’t bear to part with him.

Todaym, “shelter at home” orders have spread around the country causing a lot of distress. Many of you are out of work, worried about your businesses or retirement investments, family or friends who are at risk or may have the virus, in addition to the worry you carry for your child’s welfare. Concern for your beloved son or daughtger already took a huge toll on your heart and mind. Stress upon stress has piled up. It all takes a toll. Weighs us down.

Something Cathartic Happened

During that difficult time with my dad, I found a great way to sooth my distress and comfort my sadness: MUSIC. My dad was a retired band director (over 35 years) and choir director in his church. Our home was full of beautiful music of all kinds. When I needed it most, there was plenty to choose from his collection.

Beautiful, uplifting, soothing music.

I listened in the car as I drove back and forth to the hopsital.

I listened in the morning while I got ready for the day.

I listened in the evening while I fell asleep.

I listened and listened and and listened …

And something happened …

Something cathartic.

The heaviness lifted. God met me in my sadness and comforted my heart. Music helped me cry and release emotions that had built up. Beautiful melodies enveloped me with grace-filled, invisible hugs from my Heavenly Father. I’ve always believed music is a gift from him and has many useful purposes. Healing hearts and minds is one of them.

photo cred. Marius Masalar on unsplash

The Blessing, Kari Jobe

Raise a Hallelujah

You’re Gonna Be Okay by Jenn Johnson

Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns

Hillsong Worship – 2 hours  and Elevation Worship Piano – 2 hours

Wonderful, Merciful Savior, Selah

Give Me Jesus, Fernando Ortega

It is Well (Through it All), Kristine DiMarco

Taize instrumental music

The Piano Guys have a lot of beautiful, relaxing music

The Best of Chopin

Instrumental Soaking music – 1 hour of instrumental worship

Praise Strings and Don Marsh orchestra – hymns

Classical Romantic music – 30 pieces (some of my favorite classical works are on this one)

God bless you as you listen to some of these. The ones you’re drawn to are the ones He will use to soothe and comfort your heart and mind during this time of uncertainty. It’s a great way to do that!


**What music do you like? Please share in comments to spread the joy!



  1. Sandi

    The song oh my soul by casting crowns link is the song You’re gonna be ok.

    • Tom and Dena Yohe

      Thank you for letting me know! I need to fix that! God bless and keep you during the COVID-19 crisis.
      Warmly in Christ,

    • Tom and Dena Yohe

      Finally made time to go fix it! And I added Oh My Soul! Such a good one!