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brokenhearted1My husband and I have had our hearts broken many times over one of our children. Being parents of a daughter who struggles with addiction, mental health issues and suicidal tendencies, we’re passionate about helping other parents discover resources.

They aren’t easy to find.

Parents like us need all the help we can get on this grueling journey. Over the last ten years we’ve discovered some great books. They have been a huge help. Our library has taken a long time to build.

We’re going to start doing book reviews of our favorites to encourage you in your journey from pain to peace. Please share yours with us, too.

Today’s book is: Parents With Broken Hearts by Bill Coleman

Coleman addresses the topics I needed to hear someone talk about from a Christian perspective. I like how the author sprinkles trust in God and Scriptures throughout the book. Some of the topics are: denial, shock, loss, letting go, guilt, coping with holidays, marriage damage, problems with siblings and the common questions hurting parents ask.

Several of the last chapters include what other parents said they gained from their painful experience and what advice they’d give. Input came from dozens of moms and dads.

I found Bill Coleman’s writing style honest, concise and practical. He’s direct, yet not harsh. Chapters are short and easy to read. He also makes me laugh at myself. What a welcome relief.


A few unusual chapter titles are:

  • Why Children Hurt Parents
  • Secrets of Imperfect Families
  • The Limits of Pain
  • Making Pudding Pies

The last chapter is titled, Looking for Purpose. It made a huge impression on me. On page 137 it says, “The message isn’t Forget your child and get on with your life. The better message is, Accept pain for what it is and rise up to make something good happen.”

If you’re like me you probably need to read that several times.

One mom I know loves this book so much she bought them in bulk and began giving then away to every hurting parent she knew. She even donated a few to our lending library.

Here are a two recommendations from the inside cover:

“Bill Coleman not only helps parents understand what breaks their hearts, he also shares wisdom to help in the process of mending them.” -Tim Robbins, Counselor

“Bill Coleman, like his Lord, is close to the brokenhearted. This book is emotionally freeing and spiritually energizing. Readers will find healing and personal meaning as they put into practice the fresh ideas and clear choices that shine from these pages. They will also discover some ways to help others who are hurting.”  -Dr. Paul Welter

If you decide to read Parents with Broken Hearts you just might find that Jesus, who is able to “bind up the brokenhearted” (Isaiah 61:1) will begin to do that for you.

Please let us know how you like this book if you pick up a copy.

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