2 More Ways to Prepare Your Aching Heart for Mother’s Day

by | May 16, 2023 | holidays

photo cred. Jamez Picard on unsplash

After I read Monday’s post (5/8/2023) with 4 ways to prepare your heart for Mother’s Day When Don’t Want the Day to Come, I realized my list was incomplete. There were two more ways I needed to share with you. You need these too.

Do Something for Someone Else 

When you do something for someone else your own mood is uplifted. Showing kindness and doing good deeds are natural depression killers. Feel-good chemicals called endorphins are released in your body. How awesome is that? There’s no shortage of hurting, lonely people. Think of someone you know who’s battling an illness, is a lonely widow or widower, a frazzeld mom of toddlers or young children (especially single moms), is out of work, or going through a difficult time. Or another parent who’s in pain like you are. What simple gesture could you make? Anything you do would be a blessing. Not sure what? Brainstorm with a friend. Pray and ask God. I’m sure he has many ideas for you.

Make Your Own Plan 

If you know you probably won’t see or hear from your child on Mother’s Day or any other special day and that’s going to drag you into a deep depression, then make your own plan for the day. Decide what you want to do and go do it. Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself. You could bring a friend along, maybe even another hurting mom. Do something that refershes you. What makes you smile or laugh … can you remember smiling and laughing? You can do that again, even if it feels wrong.

Need ideas how to refresh yourself or have some fun? Phone a friend for ideas or do a google search: “Fun Activities Near Me”. If you’re on a budget, google “Fun Free Activities Near Me”. If you really don’t want to go anywhere, or that’s not an option, here are a few suggestions:

Binge watch favorite movies or series (The Chosen is a great one and you can watch it free on their App or Live Stream it), borrow free movies from the library; read a good book; call and talk to a few people who love and care about you; buy yourself some flowers; eat your favorite foods and don’t forget to include a delicious dessert! And if the weather is decent, be sure to go outside. Fresh air and sunshine are always good for your well-being. Even if the sun isn’t out, the fresh air is still of benefit.

I realize Mother’s Day has passed, but there’s always another holiday or special event when we can apply these ideas. And Father’s Day is coming. You might know a dad who will need some help getting through the day. Please share. You never know who you might encourage.