When Parents Need Help

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Helpful Resources

cropped-cropped-aprilyohe_hopeforhurtingparents-121.jpgThis is a great resource when you’re a parent who needs help with your teenage son or daughter – serious help. You’ve tried everything you know to do and nothing’s working. Counselors. Psychologists. Psychiatrists. Different discipline approaches. Prayer. Behavior challenges persist and you’re at the end of your rope.

At this point some parents begin to wonder if a therapeutic boarding school – or something like that – is what they need, but which one? And how do you find a reputable one that you can trust when it’s all new territory?

I have great news for you. Recently, I had the privilege of meeting a mom who’s been in your shoes. She made the best choice she could for her son and it turned out badly – horribly. As a result, she determined to do something to be sure this didn’t happen to someone else. She founded The Envoy Group.

Her name is Tamara Bolthouse. Today, she and her team assist families in their search for an appropriate residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or short-term wilderness program for their struggling or at-risk teen. They’ve served over 45,000 families in crisis since 2006. She’s personally visited each program they recommend to be sure it is as presented in their material. What an invaluable resource!

Tamara says, “Many parents we work with feel like they’ve failed, but the harsh reality is that a teen may still struggle even when they’ve experienced a godly home, a good school, and a great life. Don’t be afraid to pursue the right help.” It can make all the difference in their future.

Have you reached the end of your ability to help your struggling teenager at home? ” . . . a trustworthy envoy brings healing” Proverbs 13:17b (NIV) They provide knowledge, experience, guidance and suggestions at no obligation and no cost.

Listen to what parents are saying about how Envoy has helped them:

“I was really impressed with the program and think it will be the perfect fit for (my daughter). I’m so glad we got in contact. I pray this will be a turnaround in her life!”

“Wow, it was so awesome talking to you today. It is like some light slipped under the curtain and broke the darkness. Thank you again for your help.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action today. It could save your teen’s life.help

Contact The Envoy Group online: theenvoygroup.com; info@ttheenvoygroup.com or call (903) 309-0830

I was so impressed with Tamara’s heart and passion for this mission. If you need help, or you know someone who does, please pass on this information. Let them help you. This could be the next step on your journey with your child,

God, I ask that if someone reads this who needs the help this group offers, please guide them to make the call or reach out online and not delay. Use The Envoy Group to direct them to what’s needed for their child’s future. Show them you care and you care with them. Give them new hope today.