Former Prodigal Shares His Story to Encourage Hurting Christian Parents

by | Nov 8, 2015 | hope

Today’s blog is the story of a former prodigal – a drug addict. I know his parents and when his mom shared with melight1 what had happened to him I asked her if he would write something for my readers. This blog is his response. It’s his gift to you, hurting mom or dad. Why? Because he wanted to encourage you and give you hope for whatever you may be going through with your son or daughter.

“I’m writing this not as my story, for none of what happened I can claim as my own. For that I am abundantly grateful. This is God’s story.

I am addicted to heroin. I’d been using it for two years, shooting it for around six months. But when I went to a Christian missionary convention with my parents God performed a miracle in my life. I had NO physical withdrawals and NO mental obsession. Today when heroin comes to mind, it’s in the context of “I was dead but now I am alive in Christ”. This statement in itself is a miracle. You see, for the last six years I’d been a blasphemer, dead set on the destruction of the Christian faith, and a soldier of darkness whose goal was to taint the character of Jesus. But God performed a miracle, for I don’t think I could have met Jesus in such a dramatic way if I was having withdrawals.

God was preparing me in the midst of my addiction before I ever arrived at the convention. I had confessed to myhopeless mom that I was shooting heroin, and a friend talked to me about going to go to a Christian halfway house. God softened my heart and I liked the idea. Eight hours before I had told my mom I wanted help from absolutely NOTHING Christian, or Christ-Centered.” God was awakening my soul; pulling me closer to Himself, while I drug my heels. But His will is all powerful, His grace irresistible, and once you have seen His love you will NEVER be the same again!

God was moving in me, awakening my soul and opening my eyes. Before we left for the conference I asked my mom for a bible. I told her I wanted to meet with some people while I was there to gain a “different perspective on my current situation.” What was really happening was Jesus was saying, “Arise Danny, child in the darkness, walk with me in the Light of my Father’s House.”

The day after I arrived, I watched a video about men who looked like me; men who had seen the darkness but who were walking in the light. God began moving when I saw that video. I felt a belonging that scared me. I didn’t want to be a Christian. I hated them. I was dead to the Spirit, yet the Spirit was alive and began its tangible work in my life at that moment. It was undeniable.

The next day I met with a family friend who challenged, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, for you have tasted and seen everything this world has to offer and found it wanting.” I truly did. I found the world lacking, a void, a vacuum that brings doom, destruction, and lays waste to all that is good in your life. To say I was hopeless, empty, lacking any light is an understatement. God was working.

That evening another family friend asked how she could pray for me. My response was not of my own. I would never have said “an increased measure of faith” in a million years. This was evidence of God’s movement in my life.

The next day I took a walk and smoked some weed and sat on a bench in a green field. I felt prompted to verbally say “Hey” to Jesus. When I obeyed, THE FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN OPENED!faith

He responded to me! He said, “Danny, my brother, my close and dear friend, how long has it been since we’ve spoken? I have missed our conversations. I have seen your pain, your struggles, not from afar, but rather by your very side! I was in the darkness with you, protecting you, allowing you to be broken so that this divine moment could happen.”

Man makes his plans but God directs his path. Glory to God!

Now I was stoned, so I said, “But Jesus, this can’t be you! I’m high. You can’t talk to me when I’m high!” and Jesus said, “Come as you are. Do you think I found the adulteress woman after she had paid the price of her sin? NO! I found her amidst it! This way you can’t take credit for what’s happening.

This is MY work in you. Not of yourself, so that you cannot boast. Your story is one of MY power of restoration, of the brokenness and death that was your life. But I put flesh on dry bones. I raise the dead to life! I heal the blind, I paid your price. I am the Restorer, the Author and Perfecter of your existence. I am the Resurrection and the Life. Know Me as a friend who loves you. For I have interceded for you to My Father while you were blaspheming My name and cursing My existence. Now walk with Me. Talk to Me. Listen to Me. Abide in Me.”

little lambAfter this, I noticed a sculpture I’d seen several times before of a cowboy riding up a snowbank. But this time I noticed something I had never seen before—well, Jesus pointed it out to me. The cowboy was carrying a sheep up the snowbank. Jesus said to me, “That’s you Danny. I’m carrying you away from the cliff. IT IS FINISHED. I HAVE FINISHED THIS! I yanked you from the darkness and pulled you into the light!”

I woke up the next day with the same resolve in my spirit that I had the night before. And Jesus walked with me again. Now He walks with me wherever my feet go, and I welcome His presence. He is the God of Life. The Restorer. The Father of the prodigal. The Forgiver. Glory and honor and power be His forever! May He storm the hearts of my generation!

This is His story of resurrection. I did nothing to deserve it. God does all that He wishes, when He wishes, and His timing is perfect. Glory to Jesus for He raised my dead soul to life!

He gave me faith.

I did nothing.

He woke me.

I was blind, but now I see.

Scripture is alive to me. It whispers in my ear, breathes on my face and causes my heart to dance.

Jesus is the Lord of my life!

This is but the start of the journey. He WILL see His work to completion…

Currently I am in a halfway house. Please pray for me, that I would stay in God’s word, and continue pursuing Him with a sense of entire abandon.


**Thank you, Danny, for sharing your beautiful story. It inspires us to not lose heart; to never stop praying. It gives us new hope. If God can do this in you, then He can do it in our children. May He bless you for your willingness to share what He’s done in your life. May His hand be on you as you continue to live out your recovery in His power. We will be praying for you.

This Bible verse summarizes what we need to keep doing:

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord (Psalm 27: 13-14).”